Mr. President of Benin Republic,

On the subject of the constitutional review, I have chosen to send you this open letter after the one I sent to the parliament on October 24, 2019.

On October 2019, 25, you said that you would not write a text to controversy. You gave your presidential word. A Sacred Word.

Mr. President of the Republic, taking note of your word, as a citizen attached to ethics and morality in the governance of our country, I come to ask you to prove to the Beninese people that you are truly a man of honor.

Mr. President of the Republic, apart from God to whom no one or no strength can resist, no human force will make you bend. Many know and fear you for that. You know very well.

Far from any confrontation so, I call instead to the heart of the man of honor who is no longer seeking to review the constitution, who has promised to reject any revision to controversy.

Mr President of the Republic, I invite you not to count on the public force, on the legal and constitutional arsenal in favour of your service to accept a review of controversy synonymous with blind exercise of force or power against the people.

Mr. President of the Republic, after certainly the success of the lobby of the members of parliament that the president of the National Assembly for the rapid revision of the constitution whose project was carefully hidden from the people by the 83 compatriots supposed to be Its Representatives, the text in circulation and supposed to be the revised constitution is in controversy, even with great controversy.

Before raising a few points to controversy, I would like to welcome the genius of insert some thin bait such as the limit of the number of members of Parliament, the recognition of the traditional chiefdom or positive discrimination in favor of women to force the membership of categories targets.

Mr President of the Republic, beyond the question of sponsorship which, in the current context, seems to be one more find to limit competition, a new attempt to excluded at a time when gathering and inclusion are what awaits our people, the one-way revision of the constitution in addition to the subjects never discussed in the dialogue according to the very words of participants in this dialogue is controversial.
You must reject this review for the respect of your given word.

Mr President of the Republic, since positive discrimination in favor of women is one of the reasons of the revision, let me note that by nominated nine experts without putting a single woman in it while there are able women In your entourage, you have contradicted yourself by throwing a serious doubt about your faith in the expertise and ability of the women of whom I salute by the way the skill and spirit of sacrifice.

Mr. President of the Republic, with regard to the question of Vice President who would never have been discussed during the dialogue, if you were to read this text, you would have shown that it was yourself who wrote this draft of the revised constitution Long before the dialogue.

The question of letting you engage alone the whole country in loans you want and inform it within 90 days the National Assembly later was not part of the dialogue and nothing justifies such a change in a context where the transparency is increasingly required in the country’s governance.

Mr. President of the Republic, I please remind you that you are the number one employee of Benin and that your employer is the people that parliament must represent.

I am convinced that with your great qualities as a great businessman, so head of business, you understand that it would be absurd or even stupid to let the CEO of your group or one of your branches first hire your group and then to inform the board of directors or its chairman that you were.

Otherwise, what would remain as the power to a parliament that cannot stop the enthusiasm of a president who will lead his country in the wrong direction or for bad or wrong reasons?

Mr. President of the Republic, the debts entered today engaging generations to come, this rule that gives you the free field to debt us to wish is a stateless innovation because it is incomprehensible that representatives of the people have thus accepted that the people That they represent is deprived of its power to decide how much and when the government can borrow money on its behalf.

Mr. President of the Republic, if you are neither an application nor an instigator of this revised constitution that belittle and reduces parliament into a chamber of registration of financial acts taken on behalf of the people in a lonely or underground way, I Proposes not to promulgate this text.

Mr President of the Republic, the political office of the fcbe party used to justify the participation of an opposition to the dialogue in the quest for a legitimate in your process of revision of the constitution said on 31 October 2019 do not Find in the revision of the constitution you have started.

Mr. President of the Republic, if this revised constitution text and the ideas of controversy it contains are not your own proposal that your members bring to simulate the formalities of a constitutional revision by the National Assembly, do not agree Not this text.

Mr President of the Republic, I would like to give you this final call to abandon the revision of our constitution in the current configuration of Parliament.

However, because I know you were making it an almost personal challenge, if you again take responsibility for the draft revision of the constitution to which I do not make a blind opposition as you can see, instead of letting yourself be overcome without Danger to triumph without glory by accepting what has just been done unanimously by Parliament, I propose you to choose one of the following three options for a democratic and agreed revision:

1. Ask, by referendum, the people’s opinion on the draft of the new constitution that the 83 congressmen would have adopted.

2. Make the members and their alternate members who are all of your two political parties in order to organize the general elections in 2020 and then reintroducing the revision or

3. If you cannot give the sacrifice to cut down the mandate of your 83 Mps, wait for parliament to have an opposition after the next parliamentary elections to do so.

You have the power and strength to ignore this call. Over-zealous servants will encourage you to ignore it or even take care of me like other compatriots who do not approve your governance but I know you have a heart and that if you don’t think you will do it for yourself, you will This time for your name, especially for your descent.

God help you!

God protect Benin!

Thank you.

Done at pahou, November 3, 2019

President Daniel Edah